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derek sparrow about  AND GOD SAID:
Dec 22, 2017
Genesis is presented in the following wrods: "And God said, ‘Go, have children, explore, rule,
guard, keep. Have the run of the place. Watch out for one thing
– that particular tree brings knowledge of good and evil, and you don’t want
a piece of that – but otherwise, it’s all yours. Enjoy.’ And the humans did."

Judge for yoruself.
Sep 8, 2017
I loved reading this book. It is honest, fun, uplifting and full of truth. It will encourage and challenge you, wherever you are in your walk with God. Read it, it will do you good.
Rory Durrant about  BIBLE ANSWERS:
Mar 25, 2017
Brilliant book, has almost every single question you could ever ask
Patrick Rooney about  IF A WICKED MAN:
Mar 7, 2017
An enthralling true crime biography that reads like a bestselling fiction novel. Once I began to read this I was taken in to John Lawson's life in such detail that I understood how he was easily drawn into a life of hardship, violence and crime. Sometimes sad, sometimes humourous, his incredible story then becomes one of salvation ,after a 'calling' he received while in prison which John embraced. Changing his life forever.
Jan 21, 2017
This book is excellent. I read it when my husband left and we later divorced. Such times are never simple, and I knew I needed to do all I could to keep going and learn from it. This book was a tremendous help. I then bought it for a friend who was going through completely different life challenges - though equally distressing. She has reapeatedly told me how helpful it was and has given copies to other friends. I'm about to buy a copy for a lady who has recently been widowed.
Bryony about  KNOW YOUR WHY:
Jan 6, 2017
I have learnt a lot from this book and would highly recommend reading it. There is a lot of wisdom to be gained from this for whichever stage of life you are in. Ken Costa is a brilliant author.
Duncan Lee about  HOME IS HERE CD:
Dec 24, 2016
Amazing! Creative. Theologically rich. Outstanding musicianship. Worth every penny. Get one while stocks last.
Sep 12, 2016
This is a most useful tract for personal evengelism. Discussing through the tract texts and illustrations has resulted in number of people turning their lives over to Jesus and now knowing God personally.
Sep 8, 2016
At first I was extremely skeptical of The Word for Word Bible Comic when I was first asked to take a look at it. There are so many Bible comic books available that the last thing we needed was another ill-attempted work to pander to children to hopefully get them to read some watered down version of Scripture. What I ended up looking at was nothing less than a visually stimulating, faithful depiction of what is legitimately happening in the text of the Bible.
Sep 8, 2016
At first I was extremely skeptical of The Word for Word Bible Comic when I was first asked to take a look at it. There are so many Bible comic books available that the last thing we needed was another ill-attempted work to pander to children to hopefully get them to read some watered down version of Scripture. What I ended up looking at was nothing less than a visually stimulating, faithful depiction of what is legitimately happening in the text of the Bible.
P Emerson about  TEACH US TO PRAY:
Aug 21, 2016
This book has been so helpful on making prayer more of a delight rather than a chore,its hard to pray most of the time as your mind tends to wander and thinks of anything else apart from what you were praying for!It simplifies and makes praying a little bit easier but a lot more exciting,and helps in a way of expectation!!
Simon Ford about  RISEN DVD:
Aug 13, 2016
This film is a sort of detective story meets mystery tale. Credibly told. Good quality actors and acting. Yes, of course they use some artistic licence, but on the whole, it did give food for thought. It's a beautiful and powerful film and I was moved by the message of love and the communication of how fragile the Christian message was in its earliest of days. Definitely one for your collection.
Aug 9, 2015
I love this story and had it many years ago for my children, its old now and on a cassette so I looked it up and ordered the CD together with the book, through yourselves. I was very disappointed to find no CD in with the book.... can you help please.
Jim Smith about  THE CROSS:
May 5, 2015
Best book for teens out there.
alan lee ( mr ) about  ENCOUNTERING THE GOD WHO HEALS:
Apr 4, 2015
a very good book
Carl Jones about  HOW TO STUDY THE BIBLE:
Mar 4, 2015
How To Study The Bible,
A small book of less than one hundred pages but packed with solid advice on studying Scripture.
It is of little matter if you are a babe in Christ, able only to feed on the milk of the Word or able to digest strong meat, or indeed anywhere in between. This book is for you. Read it and pass it on - have no one to pass it on to? Pray that God will raise up a young believer for you to pass it on.
It has been a while since a "How to Study the Bible" book has fired me up, but this short volume has.
I would encourage all Christians to read it, pass it on and then buy another!
alan m lee about  HEALING THE SICK:
Feb 19, 2015
healing the sick by t.l.osborn is a christian classic on miracle healing
maddie about  A MIDWIFE CRISIS BOOK + CD:
Feb 7, 2015
I loved it I loved playing it now I want the group
Lindsay Bruce about  UNLOCKING THE DOOR:
Nov 14, 2014
I am hugely passionate about this book! Full of fantastic, realistic and creative ideas on how can you share your faith and demostrate God's love in today's society, Unlocking the Door is more than a resource, it's a handbook to inspire and reassure women that they CAN be all God as called them to be. It also includes bible studies which can be used personally or with a group, and comes with great practical tools to move forward in your own friendship evangelism. As a church leader - and as well as an Activate lady myself - I'm convinced this book will help
mobilise an army of women to reach their worlds.
Oct 29, 2014
Margaret Kazmierczak's book How to make Victoria Sponge was incredibly compelling. I fell in love with the Sponge family. The character, Victoria Sponge, continually responds to life's messiness with love and grace. In the most heart wrenching moments in the book, especially after her son Johnny is maliciously bullied at school, Vicki turns to Jesus so his love can smooth over all the rough spots. I found myself laughing and crying about the daily events this family came up against, yet how graciously Bob and Victoria (the mother and father) responded to their children and to their day-to-day challenges. One quote that was highlighted to me in the book was when, after a really traumatizing day, Victoria says, "may I have planted [Jesus'] seed into the lives of others through my work and actions, so that when [Jesus'] rain shines upon them they produce a rich harvest." To me, this is the theme of the book--seeds being planted even on the weariest of days. Nothing can interfere with Christ's love being lived out on a day-to-day basis. On her most gritty day, Victoria has her evening prayer and Jesus says to her, "Vicki, I asked you to be with me in the Garden of Gethsemane, to stay awake and be of comfort to me in my time of anguish. You were not found asleep or failing in your response." Vicki then asks, "When was I in Gethsemane Lord?" He gently responds, "When you listened to your son's anguish I was weeping too and when your heart was breaking at the sight of your son's agony, my sweat fell to the ground like great drops of blood." Victoria's intimacy with Jesus during her most trying moments is what made me love this book so much. We can all find ourselves in this book, and in doing so we can live our lives differently, full of grace and hope and love even during despairing times. I would highly recommend getting to know the Sponge family in this beautifully written book.
Oct 27, 2014
This book is powerful in so many ways that I don’t even know where to begin! A major part of its power is in its uniqueness. I love the mixture of intense themes and slapstick humor. Specifically, I love the mixture of messages learned through comic situations and tragic situations.

The main character, Victoria Sponge, works in a preschool. This is the vehicle that the author uses to sweetly teach us some important life lessons. A few of the skills that Victoria learns from her students follow: stay grounded, live in the present, take a hands-on approach to life, keep it simple, be humble, be pure, and trust in God.

Some of the important issues addressed in the book include bullying and dealing with mental challenges.

The book is full of wonderful quotes. My favorites are “With Me everything is possible for those that believe.”; “Take something positive from a situation even when it presents itself in a negative form.”, and; “Never underestimate your potential.”

The ending of the book was completely unexpected, mind-blowing, and empowering. It was so unique and profound that it moved me to tears. To say that it really made me think would be an understatement.

I highly recommend this book to all!
Peter tunbridge about  CAPTIVATED CD:
Oct 3, 2014
A really good cd full of good songs based on scripture jenny bright has a lovely voice
Great for easy listening while travelling in the car
hazel about  CAPTIVATED CD:
Sep 7, 2014
Great soothing music based on scripture.
Eleanor Pomagalski about  WHAT'S SO AMAZING ABOUT GRACE:
Dec 31, 2013
One of the best books I have ever read. Highly recommend for Christians and non-Christians alike. Encouraging and inspirational.

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